The Blazers have won four of five, with the only loss a blowout to the Jazz on Feb. 11.

After Mitchell trimmed the Portland lead to 53-49, McCollum hit two 3-pointers and a runner to spark a 13-2 run. After the Jazz trimmed it back to 11, Lillard’s crossover stepback jumper gave the Blazers an 80-64 lead entering the final period.

The Blazers are looking to follow a pattern of strong finishes as they reached the playoffs with a 17-11 closing record in 2016 and an 18-8 post-All-Star Game mark in 2017.

Joe Kaiser: Towns has been playing slightly better this season and leads the league in double-doubles, but I can’t get past his lack of impact in terms of steals and assists compared to Antetokounmpo. Not to cop out, but I don’t think it really matters which one of this pair finishes higher on the Player Rater because it will be very close one way or another.

In rotisserie leagues you have to consider whether 3-pointers and rebounds (Towns) or steals and assists (Antetokounmpo) matter more to your team. Steals and assists are typically more difficult to find on the waiver wire, so I’ll continue to lean toward The Greek Freak.

According to Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel, the tradition started back in 2003, when the NFL entered into an apparel deal with Reebok. That agreement stated that the league’s coaches would be required to wear the company’s gear. Belichick scoffed at the idea that coaches should be models on the sideline and decided to wear the most simple option: a grey hoodie.

In true Belichick fashion, the coach wouldn’t simply acknowledge Wetzel’s discovery, instead dancing around the explanation without giving a true answer.

Belichick wouldn’t confirm the genesis of the story when I asked him about it in 2012. He didn’t deny it either or stop the line of questioning or explain much of anything though.

He just, as is his way, changed the subject, claiming he liked the hooded sweatshirt for practical purposes.

The style has become as synonymous with Belichick as his short, grumpy press conferences. The hoodie has attracted a cult following. There are those who track his record in different color sweatshirts and stores that market the simple garb just by attaching his name to it.

Even the Patriots’ team website sells a “Belichick Hoodie,” though it only comes in one color, navy, and you’ll have to cut the sleeves off yourself.bears_041-223x223

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