Saints players still digesting Mark Ingram suspension, eager for his return

Saints players have had only a day to digest the reality that they will be without starting running back Mark Ingram for the first four games of the 2018 season.

Ingram was suspended on Tuesday after violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drugs policy. He will miss games against Tampa Bay, Atlanta, Cleveland and the New York Giants. While the Saints will still have Alvin Kamara to step up in Ingram’s place for the first month, the loss of Ingram will be noticed.

“The guy isn’t retiring or anything like that,” running back Trey Edmunds said. “He’s going to be back and we’re excited and we’re ready for him.”

According to Nicki Jhabvala of the Athletic, Darian Stewart, Chris Harris, Von Miller, Emmanuel Sanders and others have made a point of working with their fellow teammates in effort to bring them along as quickly as possible.

“I’m going to teach those guys everything that I know. That’s my job,” Sanders said. “You see a lot of these cats, when they get up in age, they kind of shy away from the rookies. I will never, ever be that type of receiver that says, ‘No, I’m not going to teach this guy.’ I’m going to teach you everything that I can possibly do.

Harris has organized offseason workouts in Texas for the defensive backs. Miller will hold another “pass-rush summit” this offseason.

The Broncos lost some of that cohesion between its veterans and younger players last season, per Jhabvala, with in-fighting and resentment between the two groups. The hope is they can recapture the formula that helped lead them to a Super Bowl title three years ago.

I think maybe that was being a little too optimistic in our eyes, but we expected him back. I get the questioning. Until Andrew steps off Week One and walks out of that tunnel and starts playing again, we’re still going to answer questions. There’s still going to be doubt. And I get that. That’s why I don’t mind standing up there answering the questions. I don’t mind and I get where the doubt comes from.”

It definitely will keep coming until Luck can play. And play well. And then the question will become whether and when he suffers the next injury that make shelve him for an indefinite period of time.

Some fans definitely did not love Kaepernick’s anthem protests, as Giants owner John Mara could attest.

When asked if he would like to see Kaepernick get signed, Goodell said, “I don’t get involved in personnel decisions with the clubs. Those are decisions that the 32 clubs are going to have to make individually. They’re going to give whatever player they think can help them win that opportunity.

“And I think that’s what’s great about the NFL is that we’re a meritocracy, and you earn your opportunities and you get to keep your opportunities on the way you perform, ultimately,” the commissioner added. “That’s what the NFL is about. I think that’s why fans love the game. People go out and they earn those opportunities, and it’s a competitive league, which is great for us.”

“All my years being in the league, I never received more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue,” Mara, who joined the Giants in 1991, said last month. “‘If any of your players ever do that, we are never coming to another Giants game.’ It wasn’t one or two letters. It was a lot. It’s an emotional, emotional issue for a lot of people, more so than any other issue I’ve run into.”

“The celebrations so far have been playful and imaginative,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in an email. “As important, the players have been respectful to stay within the boundaries of sportsmanship and not draw the ire of their coaches with prolonged celebrations that result in delay-of-game penalties. Yes, in line with our expectations during the offseason when we worked with the players and clubs to liberalize the rule.”

What teams must keep in mind is that McVay grew up in an NFL family, as the grandson of former San Francisco 49ers executive John McVay, and was a football old soul. He also was set up to succeed in L.A., in part because of his own smart move in bringing in a highly accomplished veteran defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips. He had talent on the roster, and the Rams made a few good offseason moves. Hiring a young coach with great promise is only the beginning.

But it’s good to be Sean McVay and the Rams these days. And it wouldn’t be shocking for another NFL team to try to follow that blueprint for success.

Stop. No, really. Just stop. I don’t want to hear about “Spygate” or “Deflategate” taking away from the Patriots’ genius. Save those hater tears for someone else. Calm your nerves and remember why you love sports in the first place. The beauty of being a sports fan is seeing something special and dominant that’s unprecedented. That’s what this is. And lest we forget, the roots of this dynasty weren’t exactly gold-plated.cowboys_098

Trainor probably get some run Thursday’s preseason finale against Detroit.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 8-1 straight up and 7-1-1 against the spread over their last nine games against the Cincinnati Bengals including a current stretch of five straight wins. The Steelers can extend their winning streak over the Bengals to six games with a road win this Monday night.

In their last 10 appearances in primetime games, the Steelers are a perfect 10-0 SU.

Peterman’s game ended with six completions on 14 attempts for 66 yards, and he tied the record for most interceptions in a first career start.

Kaufusi, the defensive line coach, said the Cougars are playing a different scheme this to take advantage of his ‘s abilities.HE JUSTWANTS TO SPREAD THE TRUTH.A typical session included throwing from the pitchers mound and a stretch Jerseys For Cheap of batting practice.He deserves to be known, and plays like the one he made against the Saints are the reason why.tnew Says: February 12th, 2017 at 5 am Anyone that believes that OJ wouldn’t be a significant addition to the running and the passing game need to go watch his film.

With Jones battling a sore shoulder, Trainor probably get some run Thursday’s preseason finale against Detroit.the quarterfinal they were considered underdogs against hosts Lithuania, but they managed to defeat the Baltic team 67 one of the biggest upsets of the tournament.– Mathias December 31 Hey, : I can’t that happening.

His third sack caused Manning to fumble, and he recovered it at midfield.He writes proudly of what he has accomplished on and off the baseball field, of his Yankee teammates and managers, of his years with the San Padres, of his struggle growing up on the streets of St.The strength of New is their defense and the strength of New England is their offense.I think that’s going to be important for us moving forward.

Some teams don’t provide a hiding spot.

Teodosic is a sieve; the Clippers stash him on the weakest opposing player. That strains Gallinari; he had to defend Devin Booker against Phoenix so that Teodosic could chill on Josh Jackson.

But it sure has taken the Panthers a while to get to this point—and that, like so many other things in Charlotte over the last seven years, has been centered on getting Newton right. The hope now is that they have the Cam 2.0 that they’ve been building toward.

In this week’s Game Plan, we’ll kick the tires on the idea that the Jaguars could trade for a veteran quarterback, we’ll look at the mayhem in the Meadowlands, we’ll check in on the Cowboys’ handling of the anthem guidelines that Jerry Jones has set, we’ll explain why the Browns benched DeShone Kizer, and we’ll look deeper at the Chargers’ problems in Los Angeles.

There might be some concern about his volume of receptions, however, as he has been held to fewer than four catches in four of his seven games. Carson Wentz continues to target Jeffery, however, and he might just do so even more when the Eagles face the 49ers this week.

We’re used to DMC racking up gobs of points and rebounds. We’re used to DMC chipping in some of the best out-of-position assist rates in fantasy. Last season, we even started getting used to Cousins launching 3s with Ryan Anderson-esque abandon — and hitting them with surprising effectiveness (36.1 3FG% in 2016-17).

For the third consecutive game, the Jets scored a touchdown on their opening drive. They’re also 0-3 in those games, so go figure. This time, an eight play, 75-yard drive ended with a 20-yard strike from Josh McCown to tight end Eric Tomlinson. Credit goes to Jets offensive coordinator Johnnie Morton, who is obviously doing a nice job scouting these opposing defenses and has had a nice season overall.

Something changed over the past six months for the Patriots.

We might not know what happened for a while, but if you believe any of the reports about the sorts of offers the Patriots were expecting to field for Garoppolo this offseason, they played their cards all wrong. NFL executives suggested the Patriots would get a first-round pick in a Garoppolo deal. The Pats were reportedly asking for two first-round picks, but were willing to settle for the first overall pick. The Pats reportedly turned down an overture from the Browns during the first round of the draft for Garoppolo.

If it wasn’t about the trade value, then the Patriots were holding onto Garoppolo as part of some scheme to be revealed after the season. They wanted Garoppolo because he was about to be the “next great quarterback” in New England.

He told reporters Friday he is “good to go” for Sunday’s game. Barring a setback pregame, expect Amendola to take the field at home against the Chargers.

McConkey, though, still viewed himself as expendable, a day-to-day player who could be cut at anytime. So when he saw a trip to Buffalo on the calendar at the beginning of the season, out came the pen, marking the day. He had attended the first-ever game at Rich Stadium in 1973; this would be his first time getting to play there. He didn’t know how many more chances he’d have.

Sadly, Snow noted, there is a connection to the wrestling world.

“I do see connective tissue to the wrestling world in the sense that pro wrestling runs large scale live events on a weekly basis,” said Snow. “WWE and every other company will make sure security is a major concern and consideration.”

Greg Hardy was accused, and initially convicted, of domestic violence against a former girlfriend.

The point is, it’s a buyer’s market on defensive tackles these days. The Jaguars didn’t have a lot of options for a mid-season upgrade. They wanted help against the run (I wouldn’t say “needed,” especially because they could find more snaps for Paul Posluszny at Myles Jack’s expense if they wanted to upgrade their run D), and they think Dareus gives them that help.

Go Fas Racing looking at options for 2017: “Let’s face it, anybody in the bottom three is exploring all their options right now,” car owner Archie St. Hilaire said. St. Hilaire’s Go Fas Racing team ranks last in the standings among charter teams. He seeks a partnership. He is willing to lease his charter and partner with another chartered team if that will help his team grow.

Philadelphia is on track for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, but first things first: The Eagles still have to play the Cowboys twice in trying to secure the NFC East title.

Matt Forte, knee, New York Jets, 1 p.m. ET: Forte will remain a fixture on the Jets’ injury report throughout the season as they look to give the veteran rest during the week, even when healthy.

On the field after the game, Taylor sought out Schulte; he called him a “cheap bastard” but also, reportedly, shook his hand and told him that he respected him. Some tellings—including in a 1992 Sports Illustrated story by Peter King—make Schulte out to be nervous and deferential when confronted by LT after the game. Terry Schulte-Scott, the guard’s sister, would like to correct that narrative.

The complaint alleged that Hardy hit her, dragged her, and threw her on a futon covered with firearms. Hardy’s conviction was overturned on appeal, in part because his accuser did not cooperate with prosecutors.