Daryl Worley Officially Cut by Eagles After Arrest

The Philadelphia Eagles announced they have released cornerback Daryl Worley after his arrest early Sunday morning.

Anyone else? Nice to see Denver, Miami and Buffalo stretching their legs. Arizona and Baltimore, don’t by shy, there might be room for you. Jacksonville, too, but do Steeler Nation a favor and tell Pittsburgh to sit down and wait till next year.

Quarterbacks will command center stage when the draft commences April 26 with at least 25 percent of NFL teams — and possibly one-third — in the market for a quarterback of the future, if not the present.

How many quarterbacks are selected on opening night, and where they land in the football version of musical chairs, will be the storyline that overshadows all others in Round 1.

As an organization we hold Dez Bryant in the highest regard, and we are grateful for his passion, spirit and contributions to this team for the past eight years, Jones said in a statement. He will always be a valued member of our family. Dez and I share a personal and professional relationship that is very strong, and he is one of just a handful of players with whom I have become that close to over the past 30 years.

The move is no surprise, as Berger said during the season that he was leaning toward retirement. But he was a free agent who drew interest from the Lions and Panthers as well as the Vikings, and he decided to listen to those teams’ offers.

In the end, however, he decided he’s done.

Contrast that with last year when he traded down five times during the draft to acquire more picks. The Jets had just purged their roster of veterans and Maccagnan clearly was in pick acquisition mode to try to add more rookies to a rebuilding roster.

When you examine the ages of the players Maccagnan drafted, an interesting pattern emerges. With his early picks, he has taken younger players. This may just be a product of players being selected high who left college a year early, but it seems to be important to Maccagnan, who has cited the ages of some of the players after they are drafted. steelers_031

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