Something to Wrestle returns to its live circuit this weekend.

Barnes wears cleats and gloves, and he’s somewhat serious about winning. “Not to toot our own horn, but we are the two-time defending champs,” he says. “We have plays that we send out each week, just to go through the route tree and numbers.”

While the Drunken Bears are mostly dressed in their team color, orange, the Stiff Arms don’t seem to have any kind of uniform. “When we show up, we don’t necessarily look like a team,” Curry says. “We don’t even wear our shirts, sometimes we’re not matching. That’s kind of worked in our favor. We’d rather people think we aren’t going to be that good, and then we surprise them.”

To beat Philadelphia’s outstanding front seven, Schneider knows he might have to go get a tackle by Tuesday’s deadline. Joe Staley’s overpriced in San Francisco (and suffered a reported suborbital fracture under his right eye on Sunday), and Cordy Glenn not likely to be freed up in Buffalo. It might be Brown or Colt Anthony Castonzo … and Brown’s better. We shall see.

Don’t sweat the low tackle rate or the modest snap rate Peppers claims this season, as he’s purely a pass-rush specialist at this phase of his career. While his exposure rates suggest he’s a boom-or-bust fantasy option, it’s worth noting Peppers has tallied at least a half sack in all but two games this season and is 18th among defensive ends in fantasy points per game as a result.

“Interestingly, Owen Hart was referring to himself as ‘The Real Hitman’, perhaps trying to transition into that role if Bret was truly leaving the company,” said Thompson.

Although Thompson will not be present in Detroit this Sunday, the show will be hosted by Bruce Prichard and Jim Cornette.

“I go, Holy crap I have to block him, that’s the guy I got to block,” Dowling says. “I take a step and I have him lined up. I take another step, eh, I don’t have him lined up so much. I take another step, I’m chasing him.”

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